Rid-O-Mice Stainless Steel Weep Hole Solutions protect against mice and other pests from entering homes via weep holes. Read our answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning weep holes and Rid-O-Mice.
1What Are Weep Holes?
Weep Holes are gaps in the brick along your homes foundation and above windows and garage doors.
2What Are Weep Hole Covers?
Weep Hole Covers are inserted into weep holes for the purpose of blocking mice, lizards, snakes, wasps, bees, scorpions and large insects. They achieve this while at the same time protecting the walls ventilation. Watch out for solutions that do not protect ventilation.
3Do I need Weep Holes?
(If you have a contemporary brick home from the past 30 years - likely YES)
4How Do Mice Get Through Weep Holes?
Mice collapse their entire bodies down to the size of their nose. They use their legs to push through the weep hole.
5What Is Trash Mortar?
Trash mortar is nuissance mortar that causes rough sides inside your weep hole. It exists when brick layers don't take care to avoid mortar from entering the hole during the laying process. It can impede airflow and make it hard to insert covers. Depending on severity it can require drilling it out with a mason drill bit.
1How To Pay
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2Cost / Price & Shipping
Please see our product page where you will find cost. Shipping USA - 30 units or fewer USPS First Class / over 30 units can be USPS Priority or UPS Ground. Shipping Canada - All shipments via Canada Post expedited. Rate is cheaper than regular mail via Canada Post by about $3 to $5.
2.25 inches and 2.75 inch in height.
Download Weep Hole Cover Sizes `
4What About Warranty?
Rid-O-Mice comes with a 10 year prorated warranty and the covers have been in homes around the world for over 12 years. The expected life is 20 plus years. Providing they are not sitting in constant dirt, water and salt they should only discolor while maintaining their structure.
5Why Didn't These Come With My Home?
That is a great question. In reality homes are not built with pests in mind. To do so would be added cost in material, time and labor. While weep hole ventilation is mandated in the building codes, damage from ivading pests is not considered. All this to say its in your hands.
1How Tall Are Weep Holes?
Standard brick is 2.25 inches or 2.75 inches tall. We see more 2.75 inch weep holes by far. However with newer brick and stone finish some weep holes are 3 and even 4 inches tall.
2Width Of Weep Holes?
Weep hole widths can vary greatly along the same wall due to the nature of the brick laying process and the brick layer. Mice can get in holes as small as 1/4 inch wide and some weep holes can be less than that width ranging up to over an inch wide. Rid-O-Mice can be used in holes ranging from 5/16ths inches wide to 1 inch wide. If wider than 1 inch you may consider a bonding agent to hold Rid-O-Mice in place as the spring will no longer be effective at that width.
3Intended Fit?
These are intended to fit tight in the hole so the spring in the covers wings grips the weep hole walls and cannot be pulled out by mice.
4Mesh In Weep Holes?
Strongly ill advised, impedes air pressure to do its job allowing inner wall cavity to breath and expell moisture. Clogs with debris over time, invites mold, rot and pest infestation.
1Cutting / Modifying Height?
In the event you need to modify the covers only cut the height never the width. Using regular garden shears (the hand held type) you can easily trim the units to the height required. The covers have open slats and this is ideally where you cut the tabs to a height that restricts any gap above or below the installed cover to less than 1/4 inch or desired look. Wear gloves and eye protection as you are cutting metal and cut ends will be sharp unless filed smooth after cutting.

Ensure your tools are clean and dry.

Sun by itself does not impact the covers. We have noticed the covers will slightly discolor over time due to all the elements upon it.
3Life Expectancy?
Rid-O-Mice comes with a 10 year warranty and the covers have been in homes around the world for over 12 years. The expected life is 20 plus years. Providing they are not sitting in constant dirt, water and salt they should only discolor while maintaining their structure.
You can paint Rid-O-Mice with proper paint used for stainless steel. Make sure you consult your paint manufacturer and follow their guidance.
Rid-O-Mice can be removed with needle nose pliers or a screw driver. Slowly nudge it out of the hole. I can be cleaned and re-inserted. Only cleaning materials suitable for stainless steel should be used.
Some Honest Reviews of Rid-O-MIce Weep Hole Covers


    I thought it would be useful to you to know that, about 6-7 years ago, I had purchased from you several SS weep-hole barriers to prevent further mice intrusions into our brick-walled house. As you may remember, this was my last-resort method to do this, as I had recurrent problems each year with mice entering into the attic area principally, and some other areas within the house walls. I could not figure out where the entry points were, and it was a complete enigma to me even after consulting with several pest-control specialists. Points-of-entry via brick-wall weep holes had never even crossed my mind, and , had never even been suggested by those specialists. Until I saw your Web site!! It was like "AHAAAA" That's it!!!! In a nutshell: after installing the R-O-M barriers in all of the weep holes around the house, the mice-intrusion problem disappeared within days of their installation!! This problem has NEVER RECURRED SINCE!! Really effective & durable, and really, really worth it considering the lasting peace-of-mind it gives my wife & I!! Thanks again for your fine product!
    Québec City Area
  • Dave S
    It seems like a couple of times each year I was battling with the odd mouse. I set traps along the outside walls and had to resort to poison where I noticed their beautiful brown pellets usually in the furnace room but also under our dishwasher. That seemed to work temporarily. A friend of mine in the pest control business told me about Rid-O-Mice so I asked him to come by and take care of it. Haven't had any issues since.
    Dave S
  • Wes Grands
    We had elongated weep holes... meaning the weepholes extended above and below the actual brick. We were able to purchase some spare stainless inserts and cut them to fill in the gaps created by the abnormal height of the weep holes. Not all were like this but some were and it worked perfect!! See Wes's blog post with pictures here - Elongated Weep Holes
    Wes Grands
  • F. PERRY
    Last year we bought a 30 year old home and our home inspector pointed out the house had signs of mice. Just the thought of that didn't appeal to us but everything else about the house was right for us. Fortunately our home inspector gave us great information on how we could prevent the mice from getting in. That is when we met Rid-O-Mice who helped us protect our largest investment.
    F. PERRY
Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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