Stubborn Weep Holes

Weep Hole Condition Can Impact Installation Of Weep Hole Screens

Rid-O-Mice is the perfect wall vent cover regardless of the condition of your weep holes,
however you may need to clear trash mortar or cut Rid-O-Mice to fit the non uniform holes.

What To Do With Trash Mortar If You Have It

We find about 3% of our customers complain about stubborn trash mortar filled weep holes. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do with our product to make it easier. It has to do with the brick layer. The best approach is to use a masonry drill bit and remove as much of the trash mortar as possible.

Trash Mortar Can Range From None To Light To Severe

If drilling the mortar is not a job for you, find a local handyman to take it on.

Managing Weeps Taller Than 3 Inches

Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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Rid-O-Mice weep hole screens are ideal for all brick weepholes acting as a wall vent cover to prevent pests. You may have to do some hole preparation for them to fit.

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