Weep Hole Condition Can Impact Installation Of Weep Hole Screens

Rid-O-Mice is the perfect wall vent cover regardless of the condition of your weep holes,

however you may need to clear trash mortar or cut Rid-O-Mice to fit the non uniform holes.

perfect weephole

The Perfect Weep Hole

Uniform mortar at the top and bottom of each hole, inside smooth walls all the way to the back of the brick. No fuss, no muss, just push Rid-O-Mice in. 

weep hole with trash mortar

The Stubborn Weep Hole

Trash mortar lines the inner hole impeeding airflow. Must be drilled out to all for installation of cover. A small number of our customers experience this, it depends on the luck of the brick layer draw.

weep hole screens

The Imperfect Weep Hole

Height and width with vary, and the holes may be crooked, yet these are no issue. Below we show how to modify for longer weepholes.

What To Do With Trash Mortar If You Have It

We find about 3% of our customers complain about stubborn trash mortar filled weep holes. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do with our product to make it easier. It has to do with the brick layer. The best approach is to use a masonry drill bit and remove as much of the trash mortar as possible. 

Trash Mortar Can Range From None To Light To Severe

If drilling the mortar is not a job for you, find a local handyman to take it on.

This home owner was not able to push Rid-O-Mice into the weep hole. He sent in this photo illuminated by a flash light and we were able to advise the importance to use a mortar drill to clear the following areas however ensuring to remain inside the box.

Specifically, don't drill mortar above nor below the brick line.

(Wear eye protection when drilling)


It is difficult to make the inner box square with a round drill bit, and that is why our covers have bevelled edges.

With a little bit of work the home owner was able to clear the mortar, clean out the hole and install the covers.

This work is fairly easy but you can always hire a handyman for a reasonable fee.

Managing Weeps Taller Than 3 Inches

I Trust In Rid-O-Mice To Do The Job

These are going to look great in my wall and maintain proper wall ventilation and stop mice and wasps.