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FOR CANADA: As of November 18th / 2014 Canadians will view Canadian prices and pay in Canadian Dollars. GST and HST are applicable by province or territory.

Shipping & Delivery

Rid-O-Mice handles your order with care, processing quickly for safe delivery. We can ship products anywhere in the United States and Canada using the shipping methods offered in our shopping cart. Our order system will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), selection of shipping method and your delivery destination. Our shipping charges are determined by the weight of your order. Rid-O-MIce products are intended for North American customers and cannot be shipped to international destinations from our shopping cart so please message us via the Contact Us page if you would like to discuss international ordering options.

Home Owners in USA receive shipments via USPS with tracking. Shipments are sent from Ohio.

Home Owners in Canada recieve shipments via Canada Post with tracking and insurance. Shipments are sent from Ontario.


Note For USA Purchases

As of May/2015 USA shipments will be shipped out of Ohio. These will include First Class Mail and Priority Mail. Both come with tracking Priorty Mail comes with $50 of insurance. If you need to contact us please email us at


Rid-O-Mice warrants free of defects products for a period of 10 years for the original purchaser unless otherwise stated for the specific product ordered. Rid-O-MIce products are further warranted as to adequacy of design, provided products are properly specified and installed. This warranty does not apply in the event products are altered in any way or are improperly installed. Liability is limited to replacement of products proven to be defective. Rid-O-Mice has made no other warranty, express or implied, regarding its products, including but not limited to, any warranty regarding merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. Any claim that a product is defective must be brought within 1 month of the date of installation of such products to the original purchaser. Customer hereby agrees that no other incidental or consequential damages are the responsibility of Rid-O-Mice.

The following voids any warranty regarding Rid-O-Mice products:

  • Product has been improperly installed
  • Accepted installation methods have not been followed
  • Building codes have not been followed
  • The building envelope has not been properly installed
  • Products not installed by a contractor/installer with common knowledge of the building industry

Responsibility remains with the architect or engineer, contractor and owner for the design, application and proper installation of each Rid-O-Mice product. Specifier and user shall determine the suitability of products for specific application and assume all responsibilities in connection there within.

While the steel is paintable, we cannot know what may be added to paints, primers etc. that could affect the steel. Installers must consult with the paint manufacturer recommendations on priming and painting stainless steel.

Rid-O-Mice will not be responsible for repair or replacement of any resulting damage due to distortion, warping, buckling, shrinkage, paint blistering, or peeling of paint on the stainless steel products.

Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations to apply. Make sure Rid-O-Mice is clean and dry before painting.


The Stainless Steel Rid-O-Mice buys is an industry-standard, durable, flexible, spring steel rust resistant product designed for outdoor weatherability. The color of the steel can change over time.

Stainless steel of all kinds are known to rust or corrode - more or less - under certain circumstances. Dirt, salt, iron particles in combination with moisture can cause corrosion. As a result there are many stainless steel cleaning products on the market for your consideration.

It is commonly understood that exterior home products need maintenance or cleaning in some way, to last longer. This is true for Rid-O-Mice.

Our product is made of strong spring stainless steel that has been sold since 2006 with no complaints of rust nor damage otherwise. It is a material that has high resistance allowing it to keep its strength and looks for a long time.

While the steel is paintable, we cannot know what may be added to paints, primers etc. that could affect the steel. Installers must consult with the paint manufacturer recommendations on priming and painting stainless steel.

Home-owners are advised to clean around their home's exterior regularly and inspect the grills and clean if necessary.

In case problems should arise with the product, it can easily be seen since the product is in sight.

The product can be taken out of the weep hole with common tools if necessary to prevent further damage.


This is a metal product and there is a risk of cutting oneself during trimming, mounting or removing the product. To reduce this risk, wear common work gloves during handling of the product.

Returns & Replacements


All items must be returned within 30 days and in sellable condition. fails the warranty listed below. If carton has missing parts, no return will be accepted. Restocking fee of 20%. Shipping fees non refundable. Packing slip with reason for return.


Return approvals will be issued by a Rid-O-Mice customer service representative who will assist you with return shipping. Returns are accepted only if the product has been mistakenly shipped or the item fails the warranty listed below. For any and all other reasons such as a wrong product was ordered or the purchaser no longer wants the product, the purchaser will be required to pay in full for the return shipping as well as be charged a restocking fee of 20%.

Privacy & Security

Rid-O-Mice respects your privacy. Any and all information collected on this website is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused without your permission. Any information you provide to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not expressly consented to.

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