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Rid-O-Mice has been around for a long time and stands up to the elements.
Used in 1000s of homes and commercial buildings we are your best solution.

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Hi, I'm Brian the 'Mouse Whisperer',

I've had my run in with mice and wasps just as you are now, in more than one home. I know its no fun for you nor your family and down right overwhelming and stressful. Having mice in ones home wears on the mind, nerves and pocketbook. But thanks to Rid-O-Mice you can alleviate those concerns with a simple do-it-yourself installation.

You are miles ahead of the game to have found this page as very few people have figured out that mice enter weep holes in brick walls. You are about to save yourself a lot of money and do the job right unlike many pest exclusion companies who chose to ignore weep holes or use methods that don't have regard for the health of your homes walls and biggest investment.


1. Why And How Mice Use Weep Holes To Get In Homes.

When the weather turns cold you'd look for shelter too! Weep holes are perfect for mice, they can scale any brick wall with ease, flatten their plump bodies down to a dime size hole and wiggle in. Once behind your brick wall they are safe from predators, the elements and have quick and easy access to the rest of the house for food, water, nesting and reproduction. Further to this, where mice go, goes their pheromone and urine trails leading other mice to follow. And when a male mouse comes upon a female pheromone trail, not much will stop them.


2. Why Do We Need Weep Holes? Can't I Just Fill Them With Mortar?

Weep holes are a building code requirement ever since the wall cavity building style was adopted. There is a roughly 2 inch gap between your brick facing wall and the wooden stud assembly that is responsible for structurally supporting your home and housing insulation. These walls are designed to be a barrier to moisture passing through the wall. The moisture builds up in the gap and needs to be vented. Weeps provide the needed ventilation. Don't mess with them!


3. I'll Stuff Copper Mesh In My Weeps!

If you value your biggest investment we caution you not to attempt this whether, copper or steel. Once you cram it into the hole it compresses blocking the majority if not all of the airflow killing ventilation. Moisture will build in the inner wall gap and where their is 'trapped moisture' in the built environment both mold and rot follow. This environment creates a party for all kinds of molds that can invite other infesting pests to join in on the fun. (Strangely many pest control companies use this type of method.)


4. I'll Use Plastic Covers On My Weep Holes!

Naturally we thought of this too. Should be cheap right? Well the plastic covers aren't much different in price but what is different is that mice chew through them like butter. Remember what we said about male mice determined to meet up with female mice via their pheromone trail.. well you don't want plastic being the separation device. We get customers coming to us to replace their plastic fails. One of our Edmonton customers had several plastic weep holes covers noticeably chewed through, their house burned down, they think mice were the issue and called us to supply covers for their newly built replacement house. Here's a thought, get your kids some pet mice and put them in a plastic cage, see what happens.


5. Vapor Drive Is As Much An Enemy To Your Home As Mice.

As a building biologist we understand how your home built with vapor barrier and mechanical systems such as furnaces, a/c, bath and stove fans can lead to moisture and air quality failures. Excessive vapor drive from outside vapor pressure is constantly seeking to get into your home and condense where it should not and as a result can lead to mold. Your first line of defense is ensuring your brick wall cavity functions properly. Its already under considerable attack from fluctuating levels of humidity inside there due to a number of factors, it doesn't need additional challenges placed on it. Rid-O-Mice does not interfere with ventilation in this regard.


6. Rugged To The Elements Yet Elegant To The Eye.

Rid-O-Mice stands up to uv light, rain, wind and debris, providing protection for years to come. No solution looks better on your homes facade and no solution affords the flexibility to fit different width and height weep holes as well as disjointed holes. It is a miracle solution for the home owner and commercial building owner.


Rid-O-Mice Weep Hole Cover

Best Value For Your Investment


10 Year Guarantee

Rid-O-Mice comes with a 10 year pro-rated warranty, the covers have been in homes around the world for over 14 years. The expected life is 20 plus years. Providing they are not sitting in constant dirt, water and salt they should only discolor while maintaining their structure.



Rid-O-Mice Stainless Steel Weep Hole Solutions protect against mice and other pests from entering homes via weep holes. Read our answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning weep holes and Rid-O-Mice.

1What Are Weep Holes?
Weep Holes are gaps in the brick along your homes foundation and above windows and garage doors.
2What Are Weep Hole Covers?
Weep Hole Covers are inserted into weep holes for the purpose of blocking mice, lizards, snakes, wasps, bees, scorpions and large insects. They achieve this while at the same time protecting the walls ventilation. Watch out for solutions that do not protect ventilation.
3Do I need Weep Holes?
(If you have a contemporary brick home from the past 30 years - likely YES)
4How Do Mice Get Through Weep Holes?
Mice collapse their entire bodies down to the size of their nose. They use their legs to push through the weep hole.
5What Is Trash Mortar?
Trash mortar is nuissance mortar that causes rough sides inside your weep hole. It exists when brick layers don't take care to avoid mortar from entering the hole during the laying process. It can impede airflow and make it hard to insert covers. Depending on severity it can require drilling it out with a mason drill bit.