Rodent Prevention To Avoid Mouse Damage

This Mouse Damage Could Have Been Avoided

The home owner says Rid-O-Mice is an inexpensive solution compared to his renovation bill.

This beautiful brick home with fully finished basement didn’t see this $4000 plus damage coming. A mouse accessed the wall space via the weephole in this photo. Its possible the mouse frequented this spot for a long time, the owners don’t know as they recently purchased the home from the previous owner who was the builder, but what they do know is that it decided to chew on the plastic water line. (that’s right, it was not copper like many home owners are used to, rather it was plastic which professes to have many benefits over copper. I guess the manufacturers marketing department didn’t think about mice in their comparison material).

When it came time to spend $60 on weep hole covers their comment was – what a bargain, given the damage resulted in more than $4000 and a massive headache and inconvenience dealing with it.

mice fit through weep holes in brick
Mouse Enters Via Weep Hole
mouse chews plastic waterline
Mouse Conveniently Locates Plastic Water Line
water damage to basement caused by mice
Mouse Chews Line Damage Results

house mice damage can be costly
Home Owner Left With The Clean Up
mouse does damage to home
Cheaper To Prevent
Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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Rodent prevention can save the home owner a lot of hassle, damage and cost. Preventing mouse damage is worth the effort and Rid-O-Mice helps make it possible and affordable.

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