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Rid-O-he future - We are aware you have purchased 3 times from us and I'm interested to know if you plan on buying more in the future.
We likely won't need to. I’m building a house and installing these myself. My contractor had never heard of them and laughed at the idea of mice, roaches, stink bugs etc getting into the house through the weep holes. I have enjoyed watching the brick mason, electrician, and painters look at these once installed like a kid looks at ice cream. I think they’re great!

M Fulk - Alabama 2014

Couldn't believe it........... one of my neighbors filled his holes with plaster!

I'm all about doing it right the first time. I have a metal shingled roof, a composite Trex deck and an interlock stone entrance way. The lower the maintenance for me the better!

I hope some of my neighbors on ....... Place fill an order with you. Very reasonable for what these offer.

The most expensive part of this now is that I'm hiring a guy to come in and replace the insulation and vapor barrier next week to the tune of $300. But again........has to be done!

D'arcy M - Peterborough Ontario

I bought a bunch of them about a year ago and it is remarkable how well it works. I also bait poison traps outside to cull the population. Your invention is outstanding.

We are in Coastal NJ in a town, I'll send you a Weep Hole Cover in Brick WallPhoto Photo .

C Koo - New Jersey

Was really skeptical about this working. Chatted with Rid-O-Mice late fall last year and was convinced to buy some. Found 2 more mice after installing the product, that were already inside the home and that was it! Wish I could get my 300 bucks back from the pest control dude that didn't address these. Rid-O-Mice worked for us!

Thank you Rid-O-Mice!

J Saunders - Mississauga, Ontario

I am happy for you to use my comments as testimonial, please however don't use my name or address. If you need to use my details, happy for you to use Warren from Melbourne, Victoria.

Just wanted to let you know that we have received the package.

I have also installed the weep hole covers, Weep Hole Covers AustraliaPhoto they are brilliant. ..

It's a shame that we don't have such a product here in Australia.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and safe new year.

Warren, Melbourne Victoria 150 Weeps

Yes, feel free to use our story, but without our last name. We’d love to see a copy when you publish it. It certainly drives home the value of metal brick vents that cannot be chewed through.

We found you googling for metal brick vents, etc. I think the amazon link came up first, but then we searched for your company name/site.

We are general contractors, and do lots of restorations, renovations, etc. However, the pieces are for our personal cabin. We built 18 years ago with plastic brick vents, but mice chewed through them and get into our walls. It has been a constant battle. In August we had an electrical fire in our walls. The exact cause isn’t known, but one theory is that mice chewed the wires causing the electrical fire. We are in the re-build/restoration phase for part of our cabin and want something that we can be certain will keep the mice out. We will also replace the plastic vents we have with your metal ones everywhere around the cabin to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

We’re hoping your product works well!

Carol - Edmonton Alberta 2014

I don’t have mice, just trying to prevent them. I have spiders and scorpions that get in though. Stopping them will be a good thing. I’m in a new build area and field mice have been pooping up with other houses as the contractors disturb their living areas. I think the foam insulation I have installed is helping but not to sure and want to minimize any issues before they get out of hand.

I discovered your company through lots of search late last night. Your youtube videos were the way I got interested in your products and then everything else was history form there on. Most solutions out there required the homeowner to place mesh in the weep holes which I know mice will destroy especially since they are capable of going through electrical lines. Even plastic covers were recommended which mice will go through as well as the Texas sun. Your product is the perfect simple solution for a potential disastrous problem.

Rid-O-Mice: Hi James,
Wow love your story. We want people to be preventative like you.
How did you discover us?
If you are using foam in your weep holes these covers will allow you to keep the ventilation intact unlike the foam.
Would you be ok to post your story on facebook and can i use your comments as a testimonial on our website and blog post?


My weep holes are still ventilating…I didn't close them off by foam. I had my house foam insulated and think that maybe one of the things that have saved me from the issues my fellow neighbors are seeing. I have no issue with posting my story on Facebook and you can use my comments as a testimonial on your website and blog post. I also plan to call my builder and tell them they need to use your product during the build phase as a way to set them apart from other builders.

you can use James R. from Killeen, Texas

FYI...just had a friend respond to my post saying they will purchase your product to protect their house! hopefully more of them follow suit.

James R - Kileen, Texas 2014

The house is 12 years old and backs onto an open area. Because of where we live we have sealed (caulked and steel wool) all openings from day one. The basement is unfinished. In Aug we noticed a couple of areas in the basement at the back just above ground level had dead bugs in the insulation. They appeared to be coming from outside since there was nothing on the floor. In Sept we heard a mouse scratching in the attic and in the wall of the back bedroom, directly above where we saw the bugs coming in the basement. We also saw mouse droppings in the insulation in the basement were we had the dead bugs. We had (name protected) come out and put bait in the attic, basement floor and that area of the basement wall and after a few days all was quiet (and the droppings had changed from brown to green so the mouse ate the bait). They could not see where they would get in from the outside. Then a few weeks later there was scratching again and I saw a mouse in that same basement wall. Same scenario, baited and then it disappeared. Again a few weeks ago another mouse. I had a contractor come out and tear out all insulation from the back basement wall and exposed the brick in that area. It was clear that the bugs and mice were coming from a weep hole. He suggested that I order weep hole inserts which is why I am ordering your product.

Karen Z - Missisauga, Ontario 2013

Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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