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This lovely 18 year old home has housed several families including humans. That’s right it has also been home to a few raccoons, and probably 30 to 50 mice and 3 wasps nests (all in the past 4 years since the new human owners moved in). Fortunately, since 2012 the home has only knowingly allowed humans to enter. Go here to learn more about Raccoons in the attic.

Problem Mouse In The House

While the house is built to perfection and is gorgeous both in and out, mice were getting in without much resistance. The wildlife control folks informed – where you have mice you attract the interest of Raccoons – and so this house quickly became a multiplex with humans in the main living space, Raccoons eating mice in the attic and mice in all the passage ways of all the walls from basement to attic. Think it can’t happen to you! Look in your phone book at the Wildlife control listings. This is a thriving career and for a good reason!

Rodent Removal

After spending $900 to rid of a Raccoon and keep it out – that was cheap since this house was frequented by a Male Raccoon as a bachelor pad thank goodness. If a family with babies was present the removal cost and damage assessments would have risen significantly.

After spending $900 to rid of a Raccoon and keep it out – that was cheap since this house was frequented by a Male Raccoon as a bachelor pad thank goodness. If a family with babies was present the removal cost and damage assessments would have risen significantly.

Another $1000 to Caulk Brick/Soffit Gaps (that is a tube of exterior caulking for every few linear feet of soffit meeting brick) to keep out Bats and Mice who scale the exterior brick walls and waltz into the attic and rest of the house.Totally worthwhile and necessary prevention. Hire the pros for this as it involves working on a ladder and is very physical.

The home owner thought this solved and cured the wildlife issues. It did not.

Dealing With Mice

Their daughter moved back from university and took up a room in the basement, soon she complained of mice droppings in the closet and carpeted floor of her room. The invasive and disturbing noises in the walls heard for the months the daughter was away began to be understood by the home owners. So out comes a second Wildlife Control company. They performed an inspection that you can see on the left (click to enlarge). The previous company came to remove a Raccoon in the attic and suggested they caulk the soffit to save on future damage and prevent mice and bats. This guy was right and the second company picked up on this in their assessment. For field mice in house however, the home owners still had other preventative measures to perform as well as the need to extract the current house mice. The quote came in at $2,200 to do all this work and the home owner just didn’t have the coin. They paid for the assessment, stressed about what laid ahead and started to investigate ways to do it themselves. In the process they discovered Rid-O-Mice. They bought enough to install the device in all of their Weep Holes minus the ones they could not get at which were buried behind their deck header board. It cost them less them $50 to buy the product and they were able to insert them by themselves. They also examined some areas in the foundation and wall that needed caulking and filled those in. From the inside of the house they used store bought devices to eradicate those that remained.

The mouse problem stopped, no further work has been done and this family is now wondering what the squirrels and birds have up their sleeves which may lead to a future Wildlife Control call to the Pros who will know the next move.

And that is how this family saved over $2,000 on their ‘problem mouse in the house‘ budget.

Whether you are aware of having mice in your home or not this family advises you install the weep hole inserts as a preventative measure. Doing so can lead to saving your money, and the hassle of dealing with disturbing noises in your walls and attics, damage to your home, unsightly destruction and droppings, potential health risks and the fact that once you have them they have an amazing survival mechanism you will have to reckon with – when they sense they are being trapped and killed – rapid reproduction kicks into gear.


    I thought it would be useful to you to know that, about 6-7 years ago, I had purchased from you several SS weep-hole barriers to prevent further mice intrusions into our brick-walled house. As you may remember, this was my last-resort method to do this, as I had recurrent problems each year with mice entering into the attic area principally, and some other areas within the house walls. I could not figure out where the entry points were, and it was a complete enigma to me even after consulting with several pest-control specialists. Points-of-entry via brick-wall weep holes had never even crossed my mind, and , had never even been suggested by those specialists. Until I saw your Web site!! It was like "AHAAAA" That's it!!!! In a nutshell: after installing the R-O-M barriers in all of the weep holes around the house, the mice-intrusion problem disappeared within days of their installation!! This problem has NEVER RECURRED SINCE!! Really effective & durable, and really, really worth it considering the lasting peace-of-mind it gives my wife & I!! Thanks again for your fine product!
    Québec City Area
  • Dave S
    It seems like a couple of times each year I was battling with the odd mouse. I set traps along the outside walls and had to resort to poison where I noticed their beautiful brown pellets usually in the furnace room but also under our dishwasher. That seemed to work temporarily. A friend of mine in the pest control business told me about Rid-O-Mice so I asked him to come by and take care of it. Haven't had any issues since.
    Dave S
  • Wes Grands
    We had elongated weep holes... meaning the weepholes extended above and below the actual brick. We were able to purchase some spare stainless inserts and cut them to fill in the gaps created by the abnormal height of the weep holes. Not all were like this but some were and it worked perfect!! See Wes's blog post with pictures here - Elongated Weep Holes
    Wes Grands
  • F. PERRY
    Last year we bought a 30 year old home and our home inspector pointed out the house had signs of mice. Just the thought of that didn't appeal to us but everything else about the house was right for us. Fortunately our home inspector gave us great information on how we could prevent the mice from getting in. That is when we met Rid-O-Mice who helped us protect our largest investment.
    F. PERRY
Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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DIY mouse control does not have to be hard and in fact most people just don't realize how they get in homes. Once you know it becomes a matter of blocking their entry.

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