Mice Prevention

Mice Prevention is top of mind for many home owners laying awake at night due to noises in the walls and attic. Often what happens though, is a trip to the hardware  store to buy traps and poison. Don't get us wrong, this certainly works.... for a short time until the next mice are on the scene. True prevention however is the act of closing entry points on the outside of your home. At Rid-O-Mice we specialize in providing the best weep hole solution on the planet - so our focus is 'brick weep vents'. Take care of your Weepholes the right way for true peace of mind.

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I own a brick home and I have read up on why I need to balance - stopping mice with materials they can't chew nor pull away with ensuring proper wall ventilation for my home.

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I Want To Learn More About Entry Points

I'm ready to look at possible entry points used by deer mice, field mice and white footed mice. Whether I have mice issues or not, these should be addressed so I can avoid future issues.

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I Want To Learn What Keeps Mice Away

I've heard a lot about what will keep mice away but I'm not sure what works and what is inneffective long term. I wish there were a magic bullet but short of that... give me the goods.

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