When Ridding Of Mice The Wrong Way Can Lead To Mold In Your Walls

Wall cavities (the spaces behind the brick of your home's exterior walls) are intended to breath contributing to one of the reasons critters such as mice, spiders, snakes, lizzard, scorpions, bees and wasps find it to be so comforting back there. Its like a protective cave, or fortress with comfort and plenty of air. So you may ask, why does a wall space have to breath? What is up with that? Read on..

Scorpions Mice Hot Texas Sun Prevention

The theme in this post is PREVENTION in capital letters. Our customer from Texas points out some pretty important truths when it comes to the topic of pests, weep holes and prevention that stands up to the many tests nature will thrust its way. Our wish - that we could get this important information into the hands of the majority of home owners!

Missing Mortar Above And Below Weep Hole

Sometimes a weephole can extend above and below the brick forming an abnormal length weep hole. In this case a normal weep hole of 2.75 inches became 3.25 inches or 1/2 inch longer than our stainless steel weep hole insert. Here is what one home owner from Pensacola, Florida did to solve this issue using Rid-O-Mice:

Steps To Order Rid O Mice

You are fed up with your house being a mouse hotel and its time to get rid of mice from your home. Ordering Rid-O-Mice can be a breeze. Here is what you do:

1. Determine your brick height. Is it 2.25 inches high or 2.75 inches high (if 3 inches treat as 2.75)
If Longer than 3 inches review: height of weep holes

2. Walk around your home or building and physically count the number of weep holes around your foundation and around your windows and other areas if they exist.

To Get Rid Of Mice Think Like A Mouse

In order to get rid of mice from your home you have to think like a mouse - become the mouse.

Put yourself in a mouse's shoes just for a moment and really get in touch with what you are up against as a home and/or building owner.

Stop Mice In Their Tracks

Home owner stops mice in their tracks - verified no mice 5 months later! That was 2 years ago!