Stop mice and pests from entering your home. Ventilation and drainage maintained


  • North American building standards require installation of weep holes for moisture control purposes.
  • A Weep hole is an empty space in between two bricks in your exterior wall.
  • Open to the elements these holes become walkways for mice and other pests. Thus mice in the walls.
  • Weep holes leave an unfinished or unsightly look often disturbing to home owners
Strong Stainless Spring Steel inserts are the universal solution providing flexibility, ease of fit, no tools necessary, discreet look and provide the Best Mouse Control.
The Solution:

Rid-O-Mice weep hole barrier inserts.

What Is A Weep Hole?

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Guard Your Home Against

Best Value For Your Investment

Superior Decorative Look

​Turns ugly gaps in the wall to into jewels in the facade

Superior Flexibility And Spring

Fits All Weeps No Matter Size or Shape

Superior Sustainable Air Flow

Allows external wall airpressure to interact with internal wall airpressure to expel moisture.

Mice Can't Pull Out Nor Chew Through

Unlike Other Solutions Rid-O-Mice Prevails.

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How To Get Rid Of Mice In The House

When you begin understanding a mouse’s world these nuisance pests will astound you with their special set of skills allowing them to completely infiltrate and infest your home. Once you know the signs to look for only then do you have a fighting chance to get rid of mice from your home.

Mouse Poisons don’t do the job completely and here is why – mice reproduce too quickly and leave urine and pheromone trails so new mice show up shortly after they are gone. Mice population in your home is determined by amount of space available and food sources. As long as you have these you will have a never ending cycle.

This is because mice fit through spaces no wider than their nose or ¼ inch. They flatten out and pass through tiny spaces with ease.

What about repelling the mice with mothballs, ultrasonic sounds, flickering lights, different smells and odors, peppermint and drastic coyote urine? You may get a small success with these techniques but certainly will not solve the problem of mice in the walls. And if anything these devices will likely annoy you more than the mice. Your house mice know that leaving a safe wall space, basement or attic means a shortened life so they stay put.

How To Get Rid Of Mice From Your House

Weep Holes In Brick
Some Honest Reviews of Rid-O-MIce Weep Hole Covers


    I thought it would be useful to you to know that, about 6-7 years ago, I had purchased from you several SS weep-hole barriers to prevent further mice intrusions into our brick-walled house. As you may remember, this was my last-resort method to do this, as I had recurrent problems each year with mice entering into the attic area principally, and some other areas within the house walls. I could not figure out where the entry points were, and it was a complete enigma to me even after consulting with several pest-control specialists. Points-of-entry via brick-wall weep holes had never even crossed my mind, and , had never even been suggested by those specialists. Until I saw your Web site!! It was like "AHAAAA" That's it!!!! In a nutshell: after installing the R-O-M barriers in all of the weep holes around the house, the mice-intrusion problem disappeared within days of their installation!! This problem has NEVER RECURRED SINCE!! Really effective & durable, and really, really worth it considering the lasting peace-of-mind it gives my wife & I!! Thanks again for your fine product!
    Québec City Area
  • Dave S
    It seems like a couple of times each year I was battling with the odd mouse. I set traps along the outside walls and had to resort to poison where I noticed their beautiful brown pellets usually in the furnace room but also under our dishwasher. That seemed to work temporarily. A friend of mine in the pest control business told me about Rid-O-Mice so I asked him to come by and take care of it. Haven't had any issues since.
    Dave S
  • Wes Grands
    We had elongated weep holes... meaning the weepholes extended above and below the actual brick. We were able to purchase some spare stainless inserts and cut them to fill in the gaps created by the abnormal height of the weep holes. Not all were like this but some were and it worked perfect!! See Wes's blog post with pictures here - Elongated Weep Holes
    Wes Grands
  • F. PERRY
    Last year we bought a 30 year old home and our home inspector pointed out the house had signs of mice. Just the thought of that didn't appeal to us but everything else about the house was right for us. Fortunately our home inspector gave us great information on how we could prevent the mice from getting in. That is when we met Rid-O-Mice who helped us protect our largest investment.
    F. PERRY
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If you have a brick home you can avoid getting a mouse in the house by properly managing the entry points. Most common entry point is weep holes and these holes have to be managed with care so you maintain proper wall ventilation

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