3 Inch Or Longer Weep Holes

Mouse Problems And Solutions Start With Brick Weeps

When outfitting your brick weep vents with Rid-O-Mice covers you need to take into account the height of the holes.

With a measuring tape in hand measure a few different holes to quickly get the answer.

My Weep Holes Are 3 Inches In Height

This is a really straight forward solution. The Rid-O-Mice 2.75 inch covers are perfect for the job. Simply insert the covers centered into the hole vertically. This will leave a gap at the top and bottom of the hole roughly the same as the gaps in the cover's grill. You are all set!

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My Weep Holes Are Taller Than 3 Inches

In this case you will want to insert a full length 2.75 inch cover into the hole flush with the bottom of the weep hole. Then taking shears, cut another cover to the size of the gap at the top of the hole. Then insert the cut peice so it fits in seamlessly. Use clean, dry shears and wear gloves and eye protection when cutting and handling the cut peices.

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Ready To Protect Your Home In A Way That Ensures Mice Can’t Pass Through Your Weep Holes While Ensuring Proper Wall Ventilation As Intended By The Building Codes.
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Masonry wall construction includes brick weeps which lead to mouse problems. Sometimes these weeps are non standard heights, which is why Rid-O-Mice covers can be modified to custom fit.

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